Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beneathe the Willow Tree

I wandered to the edge of the world
Staring into a black nothing ahead of me
As the rain from a sea breeze hit my face,
I turn to see an old willow tree
Abandoned and forgotten by all of mankind.

Tired from my journey to this darkened place
I walk over to the wise tree and stare in amazement of her size
I examine her trunk and the evidence of the cruelty she must have endured.
As the night becomes colder, I ask for her permission to sit among her strong roots
The energy of the wind turns to an angry course as her branches nod in acceptance of my request.

Comforted by the curtains of her mossy vines,
I begin to drift asleep leaving the despair of the world behind me,
I awake only seconds later greeted by the warmth of a loving sun
I realize this is not the same world I left moments ago
This is a place that I know and love

For this is my dream world
A place where the beach is all around me
Where elephants roam free and the sun never sets
I wish i could stay in the world forever
here I am me and never who you want me to be

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