Wednesday, February 29, 2012


In the dead of the night I awaken. Shivering, covered in an icy cold sweat.
Haunted by the dreams of a black nothing.
I rise from the usual comfort of my bed placing my bare feet on the cold wood floors. My body suddenly feels weak as I fall to my knees stunned by an unusual pain in my chest. I slowly crawl to the open window, struggling to feel a warm breeze upon my face.
Plashes of fear begin to parade in my mind as I get closer to the world outside of my room.
As I finally reach the forbidden window my fingertips grasp onto the safety of this box I have always been told to trust.
I close my eyes, take in a deep confident break, pull my weakened body up off the floor and open my eyes.
In a single moment my world turns upside down. tears begin to pour our of my eyes like a forgotten waterfall as I peer out in the world in front of me. At last the mask that has been blinding me has been removed and I can see the true beauty for the first time. I can feel the heat of the sun melt away my sorrowing hear. the energy of the wind entices me soul. I start to climb in this world and out of the window. I look over my shoulder and back in to the blackness one last time.
My heart is no longer fill with the fear of the unknown. Endless possibilities are calling me into their garden of adventure. I will no longer be held captive by the chilled touch of my nightmares.
Dreams, love, friendships, beauty. These are now the focus of my beating heart. With every breath I take I will remember how much greatness there is in the world. With every word I speak I will be thankful for this second change I have been given. I will learn to love with the force of a rushing river.
I will take the mirror my angel placed in front of me around this world, not only to help me remember my own worth, but to show others the greatness inside of them. Beauty is in all of us, surrounds all of us. Just open your eyes. Breath. Believe in it. Feel the warmth of faith. You will see it.

Into a new

There is an angry force in the wind this morning. The thunderous clouds hanging low enough to touch. You can feel the harsh energy of the storm begin to pick up in vibrant strength. Change is coming. Every breath I take of the cold moist air confirms this as it stings my lungs and weakens me to my knees. A love will be forgotten. A heart will be broken. Minds lost in a daze. Uncertain. Left wondering. Confused and alone. Giving up on all hope. As the days pass by, healing will also being take its place in this world. The morning will come and the sky will be greeted by the sun. The fresh new air will warm my body and melt away the ice from the days before. The broken heart will be filled with the hope that was lost. The soul will learn to forgive. Love will be found once more. The birds that have been missing all these months will sing a song of faith that will bring smiles upon the faces of those who stop to notice. The encouragement of spring will bring a new faith. Fight through the storm. Wait for tomorrow. Never give up. As the flowers find their way through the cracks on the concrete sidewalks, beauty is remembered. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Take each step with meaning. Live the life you always imagined. Say yes more. Feel more. Forgive more. Love unconditionally. Dance your way through the barriers that try to block you. Laugh in the face of those who try to bring you down. Never forget who you are. Love yourself. The storm can't chill you. The darkness can't scare you. Let the light inside of you shine.